The Orlando Repertory Theatre

The REP is a professional theatre for family and young audiences located in Central Florida. Their mission is to create experiences that enlighten, entertain and enrich the lives of family and young audiences.  Their award-winning REP Youth Academy provides classes, camps, and specialized training to children ages Pre-K to 18.  The REP, housed in a three-theatre complex in Loch Haven Park, is also home to the University of Central Florida's MFA in Theatre for Young Audiences.

Florida Players

Florida Players is a student-run theater company that provides opportunities for students to explore the world of theatre and showcase their works in doing so. Florida Players is open to all University of Florida students, regardless of their major and is sponsored by UF Student Government. Florida Players offers students opportunities in all aspects of theatre, including direction, design, performance, and playwriting, as well as leadership positions. Florida Players is also an umbrella organization to Floridance, a dance company.


Fellow Artists


Courney Helen Grile

Her mission: "As an earnest and socially conscious artist I seek to create shared experiences within communities and find commonalities, while celebrating that which makes each person unique. I believe in the power of play to build community, create dialogue, and inspire empathy, and through play I encourage participants to challenge what was, what is, and what could be. I am passionate about bringing people together in a collaborative effort that introduces them to the art of theatre and informs the art of living."

RK Barringhaus
Excerpt from her teaching philosophy: "As a lifelong learner and educator it is essential to understand the environment in which I teach, because it is a landscape in which I too will be a student. The classroom is a place where a symbiotic relationship is developed and nurtured, composed of trust and understanding. It is my hope that as an artist educator I will inspire my students in the way I have been inspired; without each other neither of us will flourish and evolve. I believe we are stronger as a collective, and in my learning environment that is what my students and I are. When creating theatre, my students weave tapestries of art, skill, and education."